Titler Pro Live

Source Settings Window

Use the Source Settings Window to prepare and preview a title for playback.

Source Settings Window

Preparing a Title

Creating a title in Titler Live starts with Templates. Templates provide the power of sophisticated title design in a quick production environment. Each Template is a completely designed Title that has blanks to fill in for text, and sometimes, image.

Select a Template from the Template menu. The menu offers a convenient way to choose a title design.

Each Template holds up to two text strings and an image. Edit the text fields.

If the Template has an image option, click on the Open button to select an image to place in your title.

As you work, the preview refreshes with your changes.

Every Title includes animations to fly in and fly out. User the Build In and Build Out buttons to review the Title’s animation.

Click on Build In to preview the title fly in. Click on Build Out to watch the titly fly back out.

Playing the Title

Once a title is ready, insert it into Wirecast as a Shot.

Enter it in the top layer of the Shot List, so it overlays the shots underneath it. To do so, mouse over the + sign, click on the top left menu (the camera), and select the Titler Pro Live shot.


Click on the shot to activate it in preview.

The green light indicates that it is ready to go live.

When it is time to start the title, click on the Wirecast Go button under the Live preview.

Your title transitions in. Note that it does not use the transition type set to the left of the Go button, since it has its own transition.

To close the title, select a blank tile and click on Go again. The title animates back out.

Managing Templates

It's easy to replace the Template list in the Sources Window with templates of your own choice.

To do so, open the Template Manager by clicking on Manage Templates.

The Template Manager has tools to organize, modify and design your own templates.

Editing Titles

Edit the current title by clicking on Edit Template.

This opens the Titler Designer, where you can edit everything in your title, from simple details like color, position, and font, to more sophisticated features, like lighting, animation, and effects. 

Product Activation

Before Titler Pro Live is activated, it displays an X across the screen.

To remove it, activate Titler Pro Live by clicking on the Activate button on the bottom row.

This opens the Activation Manager, where you enter your products license, which you received when you purchased Titler Pro Live for Wirecast.