Titler Pro Live

Template Manager

The Template Manager provides a fast way to visually preview and organize your templates.

Use the Template Manager to:

  • Drag Templates from the Library to the list ("My Templates")
  • Create, Rename, Edit, and Delete Templates in the list.
  • Preview Templates.
  • Save and Open Template list from file.
  • Set the default Template list.

My Templates

The My Templates list on the right side carries the set of Templates currently in use in the Sources window. Configure this list to have exactly the templates you need for your production.

Click on an item in the list to display it in the Preview window above. By default, the cursor sits in the middle to show the selected template.

Right mouse click on an item to view options

  • Delete removes the template from the list.
  • Edit opens the Titler Designer to edit the template.
  • Rename lets you give this Template instance a new name.
  • Open loads a template from a file.
  • New creates an empty template and opens it in the Title Designer.

The Template Library

The Template Library holds all of the Templates and Title projects that ship with Titler Pro Live as well as additional Template collections installed later.

Select a folder from the left column. All of the templates in that folder display as icons. Mouse over an icon. The Template animates in the preview window, making it very easy to find and select Templates.

To copy a library Template into the list, simply click and drag it.

The File Menu

The File menu offers options for loading and saving sets of templates.

  • Open a set of Templates from a file. This replaces the current set.
  • Save (or Save As) the current set of Templates to a file.  
  • Save as Default saves the current set of Templates to be the default the next time Wirecast is run.
  • Open Template Load an individual Template from a file.

Return to Sources

Simply close the Template Manager and the changes to the list transfer to the Titler Pro Live set in the Sources window.