Application Manager

The NewBlue Application Manager is a convenient way to purchase, activate and manage the NewBlueFX products you own or have installed in trial mode. It is sign-in based so you can manage all products you have installed in one place.

To launch the Application Manager, click the Info or Activate buttons at the top of any NewBlue effect in your video editing application. You may also search and launch NewBlue Application Manager on your computer even if you don't have a video editing application open.

To work with the Application Manager, first sign in. Any products you own or have installed as a trial will appear in the list with an activation status and available actions on the right-hand side.


Signing In

  • If you don't already have a NewBlue account or bought a product through a reseller, you can create one by clicking on the orange "Create Account" button.
  • If you purchased your NewBlueFX product from then you already have an account. Use that same email and password to sign in to the Application Manager.
  • If you have an email you used for your purchase, but have not yet created a password, you can click on the “Forgot password?” link and follow the instructions.

Desktop Notifications

The NewBlue App Manager will show a red notification icon whenever there are updates, news and resources available. 


The menu located at the top-right corner of the Application Manager provides helpful links and the ability to sign out of the Application Manager, which deactivates NewBlueFX products on this particular machine.

  • Help is a link to the help documentation specific to the NewBlue Application Manager.
  • Support is a link to the main support section of Here you will find a form where you can request support for your product.
  • Deactivate (Sign Out) allows you to sign out of NewBlueFX products for this machine. This action frees up one license so that you may activate that license on another machine. To activate your license on another machine simply install the Application Manager (by installing a NewBlueFX product) and then sign in on that machine. If you do not sign out of one or more of your machines, before trying to sign in on another machine, you may run out of activations, depending on your purchase.


Products List

The Products List is a listing of all products you have installed or products which you own, but have not yet installed. Here you can activate products by purchasing or providing a serial, as well as perform updates on existing products or download products for new installations.

  • Product Name is the product you either own or have installed. If you are trying out a product, then the word “Trial” will be added after the product name. If you own a product which is a part of your My Account page on, but it is not currently installed on this machine, this product will also appear.
  • Version is the current version of the product which you have installed on this machine. If a newer version is available, an Update button will appear to the right of the product name.
  • Activation Status is the activation state of your product. If your product is in trial, the message will be “Not Activated”. If you own the product your serial number will be listed.
  • Trial Mode means that the software is installed in trial mode. The software will function but will be watermarked until purchased and activated.
  • Disable Will remove the trial software from the Application Manager.
  • Action Buttons are buttons to the right-hand side of your products list and allow you to perform numerous actions depending on the state of each product.
    • Current means your product is owned and activated. There is nothing to do.
    • Buy means you have a product installed but it is in trial mode. You will need to purchase the product to remove the watermark from the output.
    • Enter Serial Number allows you to enter a serial number if you received one from a reseller or other source. If you purchased from you should not have to use this method, as your product should already be listed as “Activated” in the products list.
    • Update means a free update to your product is available. Clicking this button will begin a download of the new version.
    • Install means you own a product in your My Account at, but is not yet installed on this machine. Clicking this button will begin a download of the product installer.
    • Upgrade means that there is an upgrade available. This link will take you to an upgrade offer page to purchase the latest version of your product.
    • Enable Will enable a different version of an installed product. You may revert to previous versions of your installed software.


When you are in any NewBlueFX effect within your video editing application, you can click the Info button at the top of the effect control list. This will launch the Application Manager and display a page of information about the products you own as well as allow you to manage GPU features.

  • Product Information is where you will see the name and version of the particular product you have invoked info for.
  • Options lists the ability to set mouse control of circular knobs (only relevant in some NLEs) as well as choices to turn GPU acceleration On or Off for NewBlueFX effects.
  • The Back Button located at the top-left corner of the interface will take you to the Products List where you can manage your activation, installation, etc.