Titler Pro

What it does: NewBlue TitlerPro allows you to create exciting 3D titles for your video.

How to use it: TitlerPro can be added to your project in multiple ways. The easiest way to get started with TitlerPro is to simply click on File - New and then choose NewBlue Titler Pro... . Alternately, you can click on the New Item icon in the project window and choose NewBlue Titler Pro... from the dropdown menu.

The New Synthetic dialog will then appear. Adjust these settings as needed and then click on OK.

The new title will now appear in the Project tab. The default duration for Titler is 8 seconds.

If you want a longer duration, double-click on the title and then enter the new length in the Duration field in the upper right-hand corner. When you close the titler screen, you will get the message that your duration has changed. At this point you need to save your project, close your project, and then re-open your project for the change to be accepted.

Now drag your title from the Project tab to the timeline to add your title to the project.