Titler Pro

What it does: NewBlue Titler Pro allows you to create exciting 3D titles for your video.

How to use it: TitlerPro can be added to your project in multiple ways. You can create a Titler Clip directly in your project bin by right-clicking an empty area, selecting New Clip , then NewBlue Titler Importer .


When you finish creating your new title, the clip will be saved in the project bin and you can add it to your timeline.

You can also create a Titler clip directly on your timeline. One way to do this is to click on the T icon above your timeline, and select the NewBlue Titler Importer option.

A second option is to right-click on the timeline, select New Clip , then NewBlue Titler Importer .

Once you have created a Titler clip, the Titler editing window will open up automatically and you can begin creating your Title.

The default duration for Titler in Edius is 8 seconds. If you want a longer duration, click in the Duration field in the upper right corner of the Titler interface, type in your new desired duration, and press the Enter key. (Note: you can only increase the duration of a Titler clip when you first create it. When you re-open a Titler clip to edit it, the duration cannot be adjusted. It is suggested to increase your Titler clip duration to something longer than you think you will need, then just use the portion that you need on your Edius timeline.)