QuickEdit is a powerful new option that will let you easily adjust text and images in all titles in your project without needing to open each title project individually. It also lets you create new templates that can quickly be applied to newly added titles.

Using QuickEdit

When first adding a new title to your project, the QuickEdit screen is automatically opened. At this point, there are several options available to you. First, you can click on Title Designer, create your title, and close the Title Designer once the title is finished. Second, you can select or open any created templates and simply adjust the text as desired without opening the Title Designer screen. Third, you can choose to create a new template that can be used throughout your project.

To easily create a new title, click on the Title Designer button. This will open the standard Editing Screen. There you can easily create your title and quickly return to your editing. However, when working with multiple titles and templates, QuickEdit can really speed up the title creation process.

Video projects often require many title that have the same look. That’s where templates become useful. To create a new template, either choose “New…” in the templates dropdown or go to File menu and choose New Template.

The Title Designer will now open. Design the title temple and then close the Title Designer to return to the QuickEdit screen. In the template section, the new template that was just created will now be available. Select that template and the title will now be updated to reflect this new style. 

If you wish to rename this template, click on the name in the Template box and type in a new name.

Now replace “Enter Text” in the text fields with the desired information and this title is completed. You can now exit QuickEdit as the title is finished.

Since the template is now created, we can create many titles with the same look and many different names and positions without needing to enter the Title Designer again. Add a new Titler Pro event to the project and QuickEdit will open again. Select the template, change the text, and the second title is now finished without opening the Title Designer.

Changing a Template

Now that several titles have been created using the new template, it has been decided that the color of the font should be yellow instead of white. To adjust the font color, click on the Title Designer button to change the color.

Once the changes are completed, close the Title Designer screen and you will be presented with several options.

Choose “Apply to Template” and all titles using this template will be changed. Using this option you can quickly change all titles in your project to match any new look without needing to individually change every title in the project.

Looking at all other titles using this template, we now see that all other titles using this template have now been changed to reflect this new look.

In addition to changing the template, choose “Apply to This Title” and the changes will only apply to this one title instead of every title using the template. This title will no longer use this template so any future template changes will not be applied.

Click on “Discard Changes” to return to the QuickEdit screen without saving any changes.

Click on “Cancel” to return to the Title Designer screen without saving any changes.

QuickEdit Screen

The QuickEdit screen has several sections to help you adjust every title in your project. You can easily select, adjust, and preview the titles.

The screen preview will allow you to see your title with the new text and images. Press the “Play” button on the left to see the title play in the preview screen. Press the “Play” button again to stop playback. You can also move the cursor to any position in the title.

The right side of the screen will list the titles in the project. Click on any title to select that title. You can quickly select any title in the project.

This section allows you to select a specific template, create or open a template, rename a template, and adjust any exposed text or image elements of the title. You can specify which items appear in the list in the Title Designer as well as the name that is shown. Type new text in the text fields or click on the image icon to change the title. You can also change the duration of the title if allowed by your video editor.

QuickEdit Menu

The File menu will let you open or create a template.

Open...: This option will allow you to open a previously saved title project file. If you have a specific title layout you wish to use repeatedly, you can save the title and then open it when starting a new title. Once opened, you can use the Add current title to template list option to add this title directly into the template dropdown list.

Save As...: This option will save the current project to a file on your hard drive and ask for the file name to be used. Once saved, you can open the title in other Titler Pro instance by using the Open command described above.

New Template: Opens the Title Designer allowing a new template to be created.

Open Template…: Opens a template saved as a file. Any saved title can be used as a template.

Add current title to template list Takes the currently selected title and will add it as a new entry to the template list.

Exit: Closes the QuickEdit screen.

The View menu let’s you control various aspects you can use when viewing the title and interacting with the video editor. First is the ability to change the background color. This is important if you are working with darker or black text as you can change to a white background and still see the text.

Black background: The title will be shown on a black background.

Grey background: The title will be shown on a grey background.

White background: The title will be shown on a white background.

Video background: When possible, the title will be shown on the actual video background if the title instances is in your video editor timeline. This is not always possible but the video will be shown as allowed by the video editor.

Go to Title Designer: This option will allow you to go to the Title Designer screen.

Always Open to Title Designer: When checked, Titler Pro will open directly to the Titler Pro edit screen. When unchecked, the QuickEdit screen will be displayed first with an option to the proceed to the main Titler Pro edit screen.

Close Title Designer based on context: When checked, upon exiting the title designer you will be returned to either QuickEdit or your video editor depending on whether you are simply creating a title or you are creating a template to be used in QuickEdit.

Close Title Designer back to NLE always: When checked, you will always be returned to your video editor upon exiting the title designer.

Close Title Designer back to QuickEdit always: When checked, you will always be returned to QuickEdit upon exiting the title designer.

The Help menu will tell you more information about Titler Pro and also help provide assistance in using Titler Pro. NewBlue Titler Pro

NewBlue Titler Pro Help: This option will access the online help and open it in a browser window. You can also press F1 to access the help file.

Activate Product…: This option will open the activation screen and allow you to activate Titler Pro so the watermark will not appear. To transfer your license to another computer, this option will also let you deactivate Titler Pro.

Check for Updates: This option will check to see if a new build of Titler Pro has been released and allow downloading that updated build. Once downloaded, please exit Titler and your video editor, install the new build, and then you can start your video editor again to use the updated version.

About NewBlue Titler Pro: This option will open the Info dialog. The info dialog will tell you the current version/build of Titler Prothat you have installed.