Title Designer

The Title Designer is where you do most of your work in Titler. Enter text, adjust how it looks, and position it. Add new text paragraphs and shapes, adjust their position on the timeline, and animate their motion and transitions in and out - all in Title Designer.
Start by typing your text into a Paragraph in Titler. Adjust your font style, color, and size. Next, position your paragraph where you want it to appear onscreen, and adjust the rotation if necessary. If you would like to have a second text box onscreen, click the Add Paragraph button or double-click on the preview screen and repeat the same steps you used for your first paragraph.

Timeline Tracks

Every title has one or more paragraphs on one or more tracks on the timeline. When adding a new paragraph, it automatically adds a new track at the top of the timeline and the paragraph is added beginning at the cursor location, extending to the end of the title length. If there is no paragraph between the cursor position and then end of the title on the top track, a new track is not added and the paragraph is added to the current top track.

It is not necessary for paragraphs to be the full length of the title time. To adjust the length of time a paragraph will display, move the mouse to either end of the paragraph and click and drag to shorten or lengthen the paragraph. It is not required that a paragraph display for the full length of time of a title project.
To move a paragraph on the timeline, click anywhere inside the paragraph and move it left or right to a new time position or up or down to another track on the timeline. This allows easily positioning and ordering of the paragraphs. The ordering of the paragraphs on the tracks can be very important. Paragraphs on higher tracks will be “on top” of paragraphs on lower tracks.


This is especially important when working with shapes. When adding a new shape, it is automatically placed on the topmost track. Usually it is desirable for the shape to be behind the text. Click anywhere in the shape paragraph, drag it down, and it will then move below the text track.

To the left of each track is a header section. The header section contains a couple of icons.

The first icon is an “eye”. When you click this icon, it will hide that paragraph from showing Titler Pro’s preview screen.

By hiding the paragraph, other paragraphs that may have been behind this paragraph in the workspace can be easily accessed. Click the icon again, and the paragraph will be displayed again.

The second icon – the triangle – allows you to collapse the track hiding any added effects and transitions. This lets you show many more tracks at once hiding the background details. Just click the triangle icon again to show the details once again.

Multiple Selection

Multiple paragraphs can be selected and adjusted at once. To select multiple paragraphs, click on the first paragraph on the timeline or preview screen, hold down the CTRL key, and then select the other desired paragraphs on the timeline or preview screen. To remove a paragraph from the selection, click on the paragraph on the timeline while holding the CTRL key. In this image three paragraphs are selected and two are not.

Once multiple paragraphs have been selected, you can then adjust the position, size, font, and other details at one time with the workspace handles or Attributes panel. This eliminates the need to make changes multiple times when multiple paragraphs are in the title.
You can also change the style of a paragraph to match the style of another paragraph. So adjust one paragraph until the look is exactly what is desired. Now right-click a paragraph that has the desired style and choose the “Copy Style” option. Then right-click the paragraph to receive this style and choose the “Paste Style” option. Then the second paragraph will have the same look as the original paragraph.