Titler Pro

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why is my paragraph box much larger than my text?

In this case the green bounding box is surrounding an area much larger than the displayed text. However, the bounding box is actually correct.

When selecting the text we see the text has been moved with the blue sub-section bounding box rather than with the green bounding box.
2) Can I export my title project as a video or image clip? - or - What if I'm working with a video editor that does not support Titler Pro?

Titler Pro 3 now has new exporting features allowing you to export either a single frame or a video of the title. Under the Menu options are three new exporting features - Export image to file which will save the current frame to a file, Export image to clipboard which will copy the current frame to the clipboard, and Export Movie File which will save the entire title to a video file. Any of these files can be imported into your video editor with full alpha support.
3) How do I make a credit roll?

Creating credit rolls can be a time-consuming process. Titler Pro will help simplify that process. The first step to creating a credit roll is to enter the information to be contained in the credit roll. While this information can be entered directly in Titler Pro, you may find it easier to enter the text into a word processor and then copy/paste the information into Titler Pro.
Credit rolls can have up to two columns. For single column lines, enter the text and press Enter. For two column lines, enter the first column text, press Tab, enter the second column text, and then press Enter. Once pasted into Titler Pro, the settings can be adjusted using the Attributes tab settings.

Once the information as been entered into Titler Pro, the top portion of the text is visible on the screen and the "Y" position is changed to a large negative number. We now need to center the text on the preview screen.

Change both the "x" and "y" values to zero to center the text. Now that the text is centered, it is time to make it scroll.

Go to the Library Tab, select Effects - Animations - Roll & Crawl, and choose the "Roll-fast" preset.


Now move to the last frame of the title on the timeline. On the Attributes tab, go to the Effects tab and adjust the "Speed" so that the last line is just off the top of the screen. In this screenshot, increasing the value to 76.4 move the text just off the top edge. Then move to the first frame and the beginning of the title will be just off the bottom edge of the screen. Press Play to see your credit roll scroll up the screen.
An alternative method would be to simply keyframe the text movement. To do this, after pasting the text, change the "Y" position to a larger negative number so that the first line is just off the bottom edge of the screen. Now check the "Turn on keyframes" box and move the cursor to the end of the timeline. Change the "Y" value so that the last line is now just off the top edge of the screen.
In the sample above, changing the "Y" postion to -380 moved the top edge just off the bottom of the screen. Simply changing the "Y" position to 380 moved the bottom edge just off the top edge of the screen.
So there's two easy methods of creating the scroll - using the Animation effect or using keyframes. Choose whichever method works best for your needs.
4) How do I get rotations greater than 360 degrees?

To get rotations greater than 360 degrees, first turn on keyframes. Without keyframing, there is no need for rotations above 360 degrees as 270 and 630 and 990 will all look the same. Once keyframes are turned on, rotations above 360 degrees are allowed.

5) Why do I still see titles in QuickEdit that I have deleted from the timeline?

In some video editors, when you delete a Titler Pro 3 title from the timeline, it will not disappear from the QuickEdit list. That happens because the video editor keeps the title in an undo list in case an undo needs to be done. To remove the title from the list, save the project, exit the video editor, and then restart and reopen the project. Titles not on the timeline will then be removed from QuickEdit.
Editors known to exhibit this behavior include Final Cut Pro and Premiere.
6) What is the best way to select the text I want to adjust?
The text in Titler Pro is a 3D object with a green bounding box around it that is not a part of the text. The body of the text is the object and then space around it is not the object. If you click between letters, you will most likely not hit the letter you want. In cases where you have an object behind your text, you will most likely select the background object inadvertently when you click between letters. Here are some helpful tips for successful selection:

  • Click directly on a letter, not the side of it, or in the center of an “o” for example. The result will be that the cursor will appear to the left of that letter.
  • To highlight multiple characters, you can alternatively hold SHFT + right or left arrow to select a range of characters.
  • You can use SHFT + up or down arrow to select a range of text lines or rows.
  • If you are having a hard time selecting in the workspace, because of the complexity of the composition, or the size of elements, you can go to the timeline and right-click the paragraph bar and choose “Edit Text” – This will result in a Select All within that paragraph. From that point, you can choose to hit the arrow keys right or left to move the cursor (This will leave the Select All mode and will just place the cursor).