Titler Pro

What it does: NewBlue Titler Pro allows you to create exciting 3D titles for your video.

How to use it: In Media Composer, Titler Pro is added to your project as a video effect. You can find Titler Pro in the Effect Palette under NewBlue Titler Pro.

Titler Pro can be added as an effect directly to a video clip. When used this way, the Titler project will be overlaid on the video, it will not replace it.

Titler Pro can also be applied as a video effect to a filler clip. Just drop the Titler Pro effect on an empty spot on your video track, and a filler clip will be created automatically that fills the available space.

Once you have applied the Titler effect to a clip, open the Effect Editor and click the Launch User Interface button to open the Titler controls.

The duration of the Titler clip will match the duration of the video (or filler) clip on which the effect is placed. You can then adjust the length of the paragraph(s) in your project using the timeline in the Titler Editing Screen.