Titler Pro

What it does: NewBlue Titler Pro allows you to create exciting 3D titles for your video.

How to use it: Titler Pro can be added to your project in multiple ways. The easiest way to get started with Titler Pro is to use it as a Media Generator. Click on the Media Generators tab in Vegas Movie Studio. Next, click on NewBlue Titler , and drag the “Default” preset to a spot on your timeline.

The default duration for Titler is 10 seconds. If you want a longer duration, just click on the right edge of your Titler clip and drag it out to your desired length.

If you extend the duration of the Titler clip on your Vegas timeline, make sure that you click the Match Event Length button before you begin editing your title. Otherwise, Titler will stay locked to the initial 10 second duration, no matter how long the Titler clip is on your Vegas timeline.

You can also create a title of any length by creating a selection area on the timeline of the desired length, right-click the selection area, choose Insert Generated Media , and then picking NewBlue Titler from the list of media generators. The added title will now fully fill the selection area. Additionally, Titler Pro can be added as an effect to any event, track, project, or media by clicking on the FX button or dragging from the Video FX tab.

If you are using Vegas Pro 10 or Vegas Movie Studio 11 , you will need to click on the Custom tab to open up the Titler controls. In Vegas Pro 11 , the Titler controls should automatically appear.