Question: I have a project that I created in Titler Pro 1.0 or Titler Pro 2.0 that I want to use in Titler Pro 3. How do I do that?
Answer: For titles created in Titler Pro 2.0, simply open your project and the titles will automatically open in Titler Pro 3.
For titles created in Titler Pro 1.0, make sure that you still have Titler Pro 1 installed on your computer as you will need it to open your current projects.

Start by opening the Titler Pro interface for the project that you want to migrate. Click on the Filemenu and select Save As.

Select a name for the Titler project and click Save. All Titler Pro projects are saved with the extension .nbtitle .
Next, add a new Titler Pro 3 clip to your project. (Please see the Getting Started section for specific instructions on how to do this in your NLE)

Open the controls for the Titler Pro 3 clip that you just created, click on File and select Open .

Select the file that you saved previously and press the Open button.

Now your project is ready to use in Titler Pro 3.

Once all of your Titler Pro 1 projects have been converted, you can then uninstall Titler Pro 1.0.