If you are having issues using TitlerPro, before contacting Technical Support, please make sure you are on the latest build of Titler Pro. The "trial" link on our website will always download the most current build which you can then activate using your serial number. 

Next, make sure that you are using the latest drivers for your video card. Here are links to the most common types:

 NOTE - Intel HD Graphics are supported, but only Intel HD 3000 and greater.

When contacting Technical Support, please provide the version and build number of TitlerPro that you are using. On the Mac, click on the NewBlue Titler Pro menu and then select About NewBlue Titler. On Windows, click the Help menu option, then select About NewBlue Titler . An information window will open up showing you the version and build number.

Please also include the following information with your submission:

  • What type of graphics card your are using (manufacturer name and model number)
  • The amount of RAM that your graphics card has
  • Driver version for your graphics card

What Video Card(s) and Video Driver Versions Do I Have In My Computer?