NewBlue Titler Pro 3

Beauty Meets Efficiency

  • Getting Started  How do I start using Titler in my video editor?
  • What's New in Titler Pro 3
  • QuickEdit  QuickEdit displays all the titles in your project and allows you to quickly change the text or images in any of the titles without needing to open the full Titler Designer. Even change the design of a title by swapping out one template for another. And, of course, open the full Titler Designer when needed, all from one quick, convenient place. 
  • Editing Screen Title Designer is where you access the true power of Titler. Use Titler Designer to design titles and templates - everything from creating and assigning text styles, animations, transitions, and much much more in a beautiful, easy to use visual editor.  You can also add new text paragraphs, and adjust their position on the timeline from the Editing Screen .
  • Attributes Attributes lets you Adjust the look of your Paragraph and allows you to apply outlines, shadows, 3D effects, and the settings of Effects or Transitions.
  • Library The Library lets you add effects, animations, and transitions to your Paragraph .
  • Lights & Wide Angle The Scene tab allows you to adjust the Lighting and Camera settings for your Titler Pro project. .
  • Working with Shapes Titler Pro allows you to create Shapes which may be any color, gradient, image, or even contain video.
  • Using Keyframes  Create animations in your project by using keyframes.
  • Elastic Timeline  Use the Elastic Timeline feature to create multi-length titles which also contain fixed-length sections.
  • Menu Options  Use the Menu options to save, open, set parameters, import, export, and many other tasks in Titler Pro.
  • Migrating Projects from Titler Pro 1 or 2 to 3
  • Frequently Asked Questions