Titler Live 3 Broadcast

­Create network-worthy productions with a bootstraper budget.
Access 500+ top notch live and post production tools.
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500+ Tools for Network Level Broadcasting

Create Animated 3D Titles

Create dynamic, animated 3D graphics that instantly transform your production into a professional broadcast.

Make Data-Driven Broadcasts

Pull data from numerous sources to generate info-rich graphics. Use spreadsheets, scoreboards, social media and other web generated sources, plus a scripting API.

Flexible Workflows

Experience the unconstrained power of Titler Live 3 Broadcast and work with a variety of workflows, assemble up to 16 layers of live graphics and broadcast on multiple channels at once.

No More
Training Hassles

Master Titler Live 3 Broadcast in no time thanks to its intuitive, flexible, customizable and user-friendly interface that requires no in-depth training.

Everything You Can Do with Broadcast

Create Sleek Designs

Animated, 3D Graphics Icon

Custom Animated Graphics

Get broadcast quality multi-layered graphics with sound effects, looped animations and more.

Templates Icon

370+ Templates

Choose from hundreds of lower thirds, titles, bugs and more. Save hours of work time.

Scoreboard Controllers

Scoreboard Controllers

Manually control your scoreboards with the Scoreboard Controllers with sport-specific interfaces.

Stream Social Media


Social Media Integration

Capture posts and comments from social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Audience Polling

Audience Polling

Show polls in real-time with live text, animated bar and pie charts, and more.

Social Management

Social Management

Search, filter and queue your messages to create a playlist for your broadcast.

Easily Import Data

Data Connectivity

Data Connectivity

Drive graphics from automated input behaviors with spreadsheet CSV, RSS, TXT, PSD, ESP and more.

Web Connected Graphics

Web Connected Data

Pull in data from anywhere on the web through TXT and CSV files and more.

Sport Data Integration

Sports Data Integration

Display sports data from the scoreboard with Sportzcast, Datalink and StatCrew.

Titler Live 3 Broadcast

Broadcast Anything

Create network-worthy productions with a bootstraper budget.