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Chroma Key Pro | Walkthrough

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Chroma Key Pro is a simple, yet powerful solution for high-quality quality color keying. This must-have plugin simplifies chroma key compositing with a variety of easy to use controls.


With Chroma Key Pro from NewBlueFX, you can:

  • Save Time: Quickly key out your green or blue screens with a variety of presets. Or, fine-tune your color keying with full controls.
  • Elevate Quality: Precision technology gives you full control over color range, sensitivity, spill, edge smoothness and more with easy-to-use sliders.
  • Add Effects: Create glows, shadows and outlines around your subject to highlight or frame them in your composition.

Download your free trial today to see what’s possible!

Elements 3 Ultimate

Elements 3 Ultimate

Accelerate compositing with Chroma Key Pro and Elements 3 Alpha Blend, Energize, and Overlay.

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